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How The Happy Puzzle Company Can Help


Established in 1992, The Happy Puzzle Company is an educational organisation that specialises in the promotion and development of resources that help both children and adults to improve a variety of skills. We supply puzzles and games to almost 12,000 schools in the UK as well as tens of thousands of parents and teachers.

One of our main areas of focus is to find and develop mainstream games that will help to improve the skills of children who have a specific learning difficulty. Through our catalogues and our website, you will find hundreds of fun ideas that will help to improve the skills of children who are dyspraxic or dyslexic. We also have a wide range of ideas for helping with dyscalculia, ADHD, hearing impairment and high-functioning autism.

Our aim is to encourage children to learn through play, enjoying themselves whilst probably being unaware that they are improving their skills at the same time.

Gavin Ucko
Managing Director
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