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Each of the sets contains nine six-sided story cubes, with 54 images and more than ten million possible story combinations.
Roll the dice and however they land, your task is to find a way of linking together the images on the top face of each of the dice in order to build a story that makes sense. The best feature of these wonderful cubes is the fact that there are no wrong answers - the goal is simply to let the cubes spark your imagination.
Whether you use them for a fun family activity, or to encourage your children to develop their story-making skills, this brilliant set will be loved by everyone. Choose from two sets; the original Story Cubes use images of objects and emotions, whilst the 'actions' set uses images of charcters doing different things to help you form your story. 
Box size:
This game, when involving more than one player, will require turn-taking This game is particularly good as a travel companion. The pieces are easily stored and the game is compact

No. of Players: 1 or more
Age range: 4 to adult
Skills: Creative Thinking, Speed Of Thought, Visual Perception

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