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 Getting your Parents Involved

Fun Maths Workshops for Schools

Get parents involved by organising one of our fun Maths workshops for schools. From fundraising PTA puzzle suppers to family events. Find out more.
The Puzzle Shop

At the end of each primary school Puzzle Challenge Day, you will be able to host a puzzle shop which will give the parents an opportunity to buy some thinking skills puzzles and games for home.

In secondary schools, the puzzle shop opens at lunchtime for the staff.

Free copies of The Happy Puzzle Company’s catalogues will be available and both the school and staff will be entitled to claim discounts or special offers.
Parents and Family Programmes
During the afternoon or evening after a Puzzle Challenge Day, many schools choose to host a Parents and Family puzzle programme, inviting back some or all of the students who have taken part in the programmes during the day with their parents or guardians and siblings.

The idea of the programme is to give the students the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned, whilst adding new challenges for the whole family to solve together. It’s a thoroughly valuable programme which also gives the parents an interesting insight into understanding how their children think and learn.

Up to 120 people can take part (a maximum of 12 teams) and although the timings can vary, most schools will run their evening between 5.30pm and 8.00pm. Some schools also charge a small entrance fee to the families. Similarly, some schools will provide refreshments – or even dinner – whilst others will ask each family to bring food and drinks with them.

PTA Puzzle Supper-Quizzes
These are great fun and a highly effective fundraiser. Please contact us for a free brochure about our fundraising programmes.



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