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Your Second Puzzle Challenge Day 


Why Host Another Puzzle Challenge Day?

The second Puzzle Challenge Day programme takes everything a stage further, allowing students to examine how they have made real changes to their learning and taking the development of their thinking and team skills to a new level. This is not just another set of puzzles to try. It is a superb opportunity for your students to see how much they have improved, how much more they can achieve in their school work and how they can use their skills to full effect with a broader, more intricate set of challenges.
Primary Schools:
Many primary schools ask for a second programme so that the "Puzzle Challenge Day" can become an annual event in the school calendar without students repeating the challenges. As students progress through the primary year groups, so the puzzles in the programmes develop and change. A two-year cycle of Puzzle Challenge Days means that the students will always be experiencing a wide range of new puzzles.
Secondary Schools:
We are often asked if there is a second programme which students can do within the academic year. Particularily in the case of Year 7 and Year 8, many schools will start the year with a Puzzle Challenge Day as an effective ice-breaker which enthuses their students at the start of a new year. Now, a dynamic study skills booster towards the end of the year is also an option.

Everything You Need To Know About The Second Programme...

How does this programme differ from the first?
Apart from a brief refresher at the start  of the programme, this is an entirely different set of puzzles. The skills covered in this programme include strategic planning, lateral thinking, spatial awareness, sequencing, logical deduction and visual perception. The day is structured in the same way as the "first programme", again with up to 60 students in each programme and with three or four sessions per day. Please note that your day can be made up of some "first programme" sessions and some "second programme" sessions (if you have groups of students who have never done the "first programme" before. Please let us know at the time of the booking.
Do all of the students need to have taken part in the first programme?
Ideally, yes, as the programme is intended as a "next stage" for students who have experienced the "first programme". However, the programme is structured so that students who have not taken part in the first programme will still gain fully from the experience.
Is there a new parents' programme for after school?
Yes. In the same vein as the "parents programme" from the "first programme", the idea is for the students to demonstrate to their parents what they have learned and then use some additional puzzles to get some effective family learning underway.
Will our school have another opportunity for a parents and staff puzzle shop?
Absolutely. Your school will have full access to our range of puzzles and games on the day, and the usual range of Puzzle Challenge Day discounts and offers for the staff and school will apply.
How does my school book a day and how much does it cost?
Click here for our contact form or call us on 0844 848 2822.


What Are The Puzzles In The Second Programme?

If you thought the puzzles and challenges were colourful and dynamic the first time around... wait until you see what we have come up with this time!
  • The new puzzles include an extraordinary musical marble run, in which students not only have to build the run, but must also position the notes so that as the marble flows through the maze, it plays the notes to a well known tune in order. However, the notes also need to be spaced accross the maze correctly, so that the tune plays in time!
  • There is a superb laser challenge in which teams must position a series of mirrors to bounce a laser bean from one point to another.
  • For further strategic planning, a series of piranha fish must somehow dangle simultaneously from a hat caught on the end of a fishing rod.
  • Colour Code asks students to sequence a series of see-through squares to create increasingly complex patterns.
  • There is a challenging 250 piece Domino Rally.
  • And for the younger year groups, an enchanting set of 3D flowers that all need putting back together.
These are just a few of the wonderful ideas that will make your second Puzzle Challenge Day a thoroughly worthwhile "next stage" as your students continue on their educational journey.


* Please note that puzzles in different programmes may vary. When booking, you must specify that you want a "second" Puzzle Challenge Day programme.




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