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The Remarkable Story Of 30 Cubed

By Gavin Ucko, Managing Director, The Happy Puzzle Company

‘How I got to create a puzzle with the world’s greatest puzzle inventor....’

Last year, I was approached by the world’s most famous puzzle inventor, Ivan Moscovich. He asked me to collaborate on a puzzle with him. It’s the equivalent of being a song-writer and having Paul McCartney asking to write a song with you.

Ivan is nearly 92 years old and is a contemporary of inventors such as Erno Rubik, the creator of Rubik’s Cube.

Ivan was born in Yugoslavia in 1926. During World War II, he was deported and sent to several concentration camps, including Bergen Belsen and Auschwitz. Despite losing most of his family at the hands of the Nazis, both Ivan and his mother were liberated by British troops in 1945.

Having returned home to Yugoslavia, Ivan completed his studies in mechanical engineering. After emigrating to Israel he began designing educational puzzles and games. His first commercial game, The Magic Robot, became an international best seller in the 1950s and is still available today. To date, more than 100 of Ivan’s original game ideas have been commercially produced.

As a scientist, Ivan is considered to be the creator of the ‘hands-on’ science museum, something which still inspires millions of children around the world today. In 1958, he founded the Museum of Science and Technology in Tel Aviv, the first of its kind in the world. As an author, Ivan has published more than 45 books, including some of the world’s best loved puzzle books, which have been translated into different languages across the globe.

How 30 Cubed came about

30 Cubed has been based on mathematical principles that have challenged generations of mathematicians. The 30 colour-coded cubes together form an almost endless set of challenges that will inspire the whole family.

Last March, Ivan bought a prototype puzzle based on the 30 cubes principle London to show me. We sat in a London hotel looking at ways to turn his original idea into a commercial puzzle for generations of parents and children to enjoy. The result, just a few months later, is 30 Cubed. Both Ivan and I are incredibly proud of the result, a collection of colourful challenges that will improve the mathematical and thinking skills, logical reasoning, spatial awareness, sequencing and visual perception skills of both adults and children. We both hope it will inspire everyone who attempts to tackle the puzzles.

In late January 2018, 30 Cubed will be given its official launch at the London Toy Fair, followed the week after by an international launch at the largest Toy Fair in the world, in Nuremberg, where Ivan will join me.

How 30 Cubed is played

The set contains 30 different cubes, plus a 6 x 5 grid and a puzzle/solution booklet. Each cube features the same six base colours. The order of these colours varies from cube to cube. Every side on every cube features part of a ‘line’. The lines appear in ten different colours. The puzzles all require the lines and/or base colours to be connected in different ways, following increasingly complex rules.
The 45 multi-level challenges, including 18 junior puzzles, represent just a start of what can be achieved. There is a whole world of puzzles waiting to be created by you. Challenge your family and friends and pass on this amazing set to future generations.

Thank you for reading and I hope you thoroughly enjoy what Ivan and I have created!

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