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This guide will help you to see how to best plan your day:
The following are suggestions - we recognise that schools have different timetables and requirements. We will always be as flexible as possible.
Sometimes it helps if you can move the time of morning break for a session. We are always happy to clear everything away before lunch (if we are using the lunch hall) and set up again afterwards.
General Information:
  • Each individual session can cater for up to 60 students (exceeding this number slightly if necessary is not a problem).
  • The programme should take place in a large area, such as the school hall or gymnasium. Tables and chairs are ideal, but if necessary, students can work on gym mats.
  • Each student should take part in ONE programme only.
  • Students will generally be in groups of SIX - these can be mixed ability and either pre-assigned by teachers or chosen by the students.
  • As part of the day, there is a puzzle shop for parents, students and staff at the end of school. This is usually held in the school hall for about 30 minutes. Discounts are available for both school and staff purchases.
  • A minimum of two members of your staff should attend each session
  • Optional 'Parents and Family Programmes' are available after school.
  • Optional INSET/Twilight programmes are also available.