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About The Happy Puzzle Company - Who Are We?


Founded almost 22 years ago by Psychologist of Education, Gavin Ucko, the aim of our company is to improve the thinking skills of children and adults of all ages through play. Our puzzles and games are all either created internally, or sourced from all over the world. To make it into our range, a product must have an underlying educational value. Each will help to achieve one or more of the following:

·         Improve thinking skills or maths skills

·         Build self-confidence

·         Promote both independent and family play

·         Improve communication and team skills

·         Increase children’s own expectations of what they can achieve

Your school may already be working with us – over 14,000 schools in the UK currently use our resources. We also run Puzzle Challenge Days in over 1000 UK schools each year.

We also have more than 150,000 non-school customers, most all of whom are parents or grandparents of children aged from 3 to 16. Our own branded products are available exclusively through The Happy Puzzle Company in the UK – some have become very successful, often because they are featured in the national press.

We have also received almost 4,000 independently verified reviews through ‘Trustpilot’. At the time of writing, our average approval rating from those reviews stands at just under 92% and we are considered market leaders as suppliers of educational puzzles and games.