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Adult's Puzzle Parties

One of the most difficult parties to plan in terms of entertainment is an event for adults, whether for a birthday, an anniversary, another special occasion or simply a dinner party!

The difficulty is that on the one hand you want people to chat and socialise, but on the other hand, you want the event to be memorable. Above all, you want your guests to be entertained.
The Happy Puzzle Company has a rather special solution. From icebreakers to team games, a programme of puzzling can be built to fit your occasion.
Probably the best feature of hiring The Happy Puzzle Company for your event is that they do not have to take centre stage in the proceedings. They will simply help to make a special occasion thoroughly memorable!
Mice stuck inside pieces of cheese need to be freed, rings caught inside handcuffs need to be released, pyramids need to be constructed, three-dimensional six-sided mazes need to be tackled, blocks have to be fitted into a box, colours co-ordinated, shapes built, structures destroyed, lateral thinking questions pondered, the list just goes on and on, as does the fun!
The puzzles can be presented either informally or through a structured programme. Some hosts will choose to allow us to mingle with their guests, offering hand-held puzzles and teasers for them to try as they chat to friends and family. Taking part is entirely optional, but everyone usually does!
Alternatively, you may wish to set aside some time for puzzling after the main meal. From small puzzles to giant team games and lateral thinkers, this is an excellent way of adding a new dimension to your party!


Key information about our Adult Puzzle Parties

  • Perfect for special birthdays, family occasions or dinner parties!
  • Both adults and children can take part!
  • Easy to run in your home or in a hall!
  • Sit back and enjoy and we'll run it all!

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"We were thrilled to see all of our guests so actively taking part in the puzzles... everyone was totally engrossed."

Ann Tredwell, Putney