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Children's Birthday Puzzle Parties - Ages 5 to 16+




One of the most amazing hands-on parties that your children and their friends will experience!

The children are divided into teams – each team simultaneously doing the same puzzles and challenges, with an emphasis on completing things rather than competing – so everybody comes away with a huge smile on their face and feeling like they really have achieved something special! It’s all a huge amount of fun!
Your birthday boy/girl will be amazed as they turn the apparently impossible into the possible, solving a wonderful and varied series of hands-on puzzles and challenges.
Divided into teams of between four and six children, each group will be confronted by a series of 3D team challenges, all of which look incredibly easy ... but there is always a catch! All of the children will manage to solve their puzzles, feeling an amazing sense of achievement as they surpass their own expectations. It's not a competition - all of the children will come away with a big smile...and feeling like a winner!
There are penguins that need to be balanced on floating icebergs, moving optical illusions, giant road maps that need putting together, marble runs, code-breakers, squiggly puzzles to solve and lots, lots more. It's a huge amount of fun for everyone!

Key information about our Childrens Puzzle Parties

Who: Ideally between 4 and 30 children (please ask us if you have more than 30). Mixed age groups within a party are fine.

Where: At home or in a hall - there is no mess. If you choose to do the party at home, the children can do the puzzles on the floor or at tables if you prefer - you will need about a 5ft x 5ft area per four children - most lounges are big enough to do this with at least 20 children. If you choose a hall, tables and chairs are preferable, but if necessary the floor will be fine!

How Long: The party lasts for either 75 minutes (6th and 7th birthdays), or 90 minutes (8th to16th birthdays).

Availability: Our puzzle parties are available from Sundays to Thursdays inclusive and are available in the following areas...
  • All of London
  • Bedfordshire
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Essex
  • Hertfordshire
  • Surrey and most of Berkshire
  • Cambridgeshire
  • Hampshire
  • Kent
  • Northamptonshire
  • Oxfordshire
  • Sussex. 
Extras: We also have a wide range of Puzzle Going Home presents which make a fabulous memento of the party, and there are ‘puzzle party’ invitations too! 

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All the boys and girls at the party thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They were totally absorbed for the whole programme ... and the adults loved it too! "

Jan Evans, Wood Green

"We were thrilled to see all of our guests so actively taking part in the puzzles... everyone was totally engrossed."

Ann Tredwell, Putney