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At the end of Puzzle Challenge Day Programmes, students are asked what they feel they have learned that will help them in the future. Almost always, we hear the same three answers...
"Never give up!"
"That nothing needs to be impossible."

"The importance of working as a team."
These are powerful messages that cover the entire curriculum as well as life outside the classroom.
Suddenly, students realise that it's ok to make mistakes and that in many respects there is no such thing as a 'wrong' answer. If an answer is not quite right, we can use that to drive us in the right direction towards reaching our goal.
It's learning without a pen and paper and it gives teachers a rare opportunity to take a step back and watch their students in action. Often, it's the students that you least expect to excel who turn out to be incredible leaders and the inspiration that leads a group to success.
Here you will find all of the information you need about Puzzle Challenge Days and our brand new programme, Mind Missions. Click on any of the buttons on the left hand side for more information or, if you prefer, why not call us on 020 8953 4484 and speak to one of our team.
Gavin Ucko
Psychologist of Education and programme creator