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Escape Rooms For Schools!

You might be aware that The Happy Puzzle Company runs workshops in schools across the UK. Over one million students have taken part in our various workshops since 1992.

After months of preparation, we launched a new workshop on 19th February.

THE CODING BOX is the world’s first school workshop to combine the concept of an ‘Escape Room’ with a focus on developing coding skills.

Escape Rooms have become one of the most sought after puzzle experiences. Requiring effective teamwork and resilience, the impact of success is extremely powerful and can significantly improve the students’ perception of just how much they can achieve.

The Coding Box Escape Room workshop requires students to work in teams linking together a series of clues to crack codes on various sealed box locks. Escape before the clock counts down to zero, by cracking the code of the final lock.

If you would like to know more about running any of our workshops in your local school, click here for more information.