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Every now and again, a game comes along which is so utterly brilliant, it simply makes you shout 'wow!'. Thinktangles! falls into that category.
The game consists of a series of challenges that require you to think at speed and race against your opponent(s) to locate images, words and letters in a constantly changing playing area. The twist is that the item you are trying to find might not even be there! Each of the 32 shaped cards in play contains ten images, words or letters, making a total of 320 across the cards. Every card also has a border of one, two or three colours.
The 200 challenge cards give you a clue to something that needs to be located. However, there is a catch! Rolling the special dice will determine which of the shaped cards and which border colours you can use to complete the challenge. So your brain needs to concentrate on three things simultaneously! What starts as a simple looking challenge will soon leave you tied up in thinking knots and a mistake could cost you the game!
Thinktangles! can be played with different difficulty levels making it a wonderful game for the whole family! 
Box size: 25.5cm x 5cm x 25.5cm  
This game, when involving more than one player, will require turn-taking This product is recommended as a useful learning tool for someone with Dyslexia
No. of Players: 2 to 6
Age range: 6 to adult
Skills: Concentration, Problem Solving, Speed Of Thought, Visual Perception