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Gavin Ucko - Managing Director 



Gavin Ucko aka The Master Puzzler

How long have you been with HPC 

I founded the company just over 25 years ago from my student bedroom. I’m still here!

Age in dog years

Horrifically, that would make me 336. To be fair I do feel that old some days!


Strangely enough puzzles and games... but all of that comes second to my beloved Watford FC!

What really tickles you? 
Doing gameshows as a contestant on TV... I have done eight so far and my ninth (The Chase) is due to film in the next few weeks. Being on a show is a huge buzz!

Favourite song

‘Old Friend’ by Elton John and Nik Kershaw, from Elton’s ‘Duets’ album - I could listen to it all day!

Favourite food

Roast Chicken with crunchy roast potatoes, sweet and sour red cabbage with peas covered in thick gravy.... what’s not to like?

Favourite puzzle or game 

I am often asked this one. Set is my favourite puzzle game of all time, alongside Vortex. In terms of family games, Rummikub, Monopoly and Ticket To Ride, and my favourite brain teaser is an old puzzle called Port To Port.

Guilty secret

It’s not really a secret, but I have a bit of a Eurovision obsession - it’s the TV highlight of my year and I have an amazing track record at picking the winner.

Who you most like to hug at HPC 

Joshua Miller our head of events is the huggiest person in the company. Most people have an urge to hug him to the point of squashing him into a pulp.

What you like about HPC

The team - it’s like a big family here. We all work with and for each other. I am very blessed to be able to work with such amazing people.