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Mind Missions are hands-on maths, thinking and team-building 'expeditions', devised by top educators and run in your school hall. Up to 60 students can take part in each 'expedition' (with up to four different ‘expeditions’ per day).

Each team is given an age and ability-appropriate mission to complete. To achieve this, they will need to work together effectively, solving hands-on challenges requiring a wide variety of mathematical and thinking skills, collecting the pieces of information that will enable them to complete the mission.

The challenges are brand new and are tailored to suit each age group and ability level.
Mind Missions allow students of all abilities to really engage with challenges, enhance a wide range of skills, make real progress in developing their skills and improve their academic performance at school.
Students have the opportunity to shine in practical programmes outside of the normal curriculum, build their confidence, improve their learning skills and raise their own expectations of what they can achieve. The progress that they make will have long-term benefits.
Teachers have a rare opportunity to take a step back and watch their students perform as part of a team, sharing ideas, displaying leadership skills and working as part of a team…