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How to organise your Puzzle Challenge Day 

Once you have decided to host a Puzzle Challenge Day, please check availability with us as soon as possible.

Then follow the following steps:


1. WHO?

Between three and five programmes per day. Up to 60 students in each programme (it is usually not a problem if this number needs to be slightly higher). Each student takes part in one session only.

2. WHEN?

We will work around your timetable so that we do not disrupt lunchtime and breaktime if possible. Programmes usually last for between 60 and 90 minutes. We suggest one programme before morning break, one after and the third (and fourth if necessary) after lunch.


Ideally a hall, a gymnasium or a large classroom. Tables and chairs will be most comfortable, but the students can sit on the mats or on the floor.


Five or six students in each team will be best. You may wish to pre-arrange the teams, otherwise students can be divided up at the start of the programme into a maximum of ten teams.


You will need to ensure that at least two members of your staff join us in the programme, but in most cases they will be able to take part in the programmes themselves!

6. SEN

Students with Special Needs will usually benefit greatly from the programme. Please make us aware of any information that will help these students during the programme.


As part of the Puzzle Challenge Day, we open a shop for staff, visitors and parents. We can open during lunctime and after school and all we need is tables and a location.


This may be a great opporunity for your school to invite guests from other schools or the LEA. We will be happy to give a talk and guide them through the programme and resources.


Family Learning, Parents Evenings and Staff Insets

You may wish to have a programme for parents or whole families after your Puzzle Challenge Day or later in the evening. There is also an Inset programme available for staff. Click here for more information


You will need to contact us for a quotation. Click here to fill out our Contact Form or call us on 0844 848 2822. Although the basic cost of a Puzzle Challenge Day is the same throughout the UK, there may be a travel fee to add to the cost. We are based in Hertfordshire. If you are a significant distance away from us then it may be necessary to travel to your school the evening before the Puzzle Challenge Day, and this will require an overnight stay for your presenter in a Travellodge or equivalent.
If your school has a limited number of students, you could reduce costs by sharing your puzzle day with another local school. Other schools may wish to request a "voluntary contribution" from parents.

Family and "Feeder School" Days

Many LEA's have organised Puzzle Challenge Days to bring together students from a number of schools and these have all been extremely successful. They are often focussed towards Gifted and Talented initiatives or maths programmes. Staff from visiting schools will usually have an opportunity to look at resources while students take part in a programme.
Some secondary schools will also run a Puzzle Challenge Day to invite students from their feeder primary schools to take part in activities with their current Year 7, giving potential students a positive experience in what may potentially be their new school.