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For the very first time, you can buy Happy Puzzle gift vouchers! Choose from three designs; Gift, Birthday or Christmas. Combine vouchers to create the desired gift amount, add your personalised message and then forward your vouchers to the recipient.

Please note that our gift vouchers can be used in multiple transactions and are non-refundable. Vouchers are valid for one calendar year from the date of purchase.

Please note, our gift cards are sent by email on an e-voucher. When checking out, please use the Gift Card - Free Delivery under delivery options. Unfortunately we are not able to send hard copies of our gift vouchers. 

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Please note: The London Times is not published on bank holidays, therefore no pages are available for these days.
Due to strikes, front covers are not available for the following dates:
  • The Times was not published between 26th March 1955 and 20th April 1955.
  • The Times was not published between 1st December 1978 and 12 November 1979.
  • Any date prior to 3rd May 1966 will show a front cover that features a list of classified adverts (i.e. old fashioned births, deaths and marriages etc.) and not the common news format we see today.
  • Front pages are not available for 10th – 13th June 1970

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Please note: There are some dates for which Daily Telegraph covers are not available - these dates will be disabled in the date picker.

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