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These brand new, completely original puzzles are constantly updated to ensure that all the information is total accurate. Each jigsaw features a stunningly illustrated cartoon image of a football club, with club honours, fun facts and so much more. All 92 clubs in the top four divisions in England are available, as well as various non-league clubs and 18 teams from Scotland. There really are a ‘must have’ for every football fan, and of course they can be glued and framed if you wish. The finish puzzles are an impressive 47cm x 32cm when built and each one is available as a 400 piece puzzle, suitable for ages 7 to adult. Box size approx. 23cm x 17.5cm

Please Note: The Football Crazy jigsaw puzzles are not official club merchandise or licensed products.

Players: 1

Age: 7 to adult

Skills: Strategic Planning, Visual Perception

Each Football Crazy jigsaw is made to order for you by hand. It’s a process which takes time and which is completed in stages. Once the glue has been applied to your puzzle, it needs to be stored for a few days in a humidity-controlled environment, so that the glue can dry with the puzzle remaining in perfect condition. Only then can the puzzle be cut and packaged for you.

We therefore ask that you allow up to 14 days for your Football Crazy jigsaw to arrive (although generally it’s much quicker).  For this reason please also note that Football Crazy jigsaws are not eligible for next day delivery. 

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